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  • Marble Countertop and Island Refinishing

    Marble Countertop And Island Refinishing:

    Initial Evaluation:

    A specialist from NOVA Stone Care meticulously examined the marble countertop and island to gauge the extent of damage and determine the most suitable restoration method.

    Surface Preparation:

    We diligently purged the surfaces of dirt, stains, and residues using tailored marble cleaners and gentle scrubbing implements.

    Repair Endeavors:

    NOVA Stone Care’s expert addressed any imperfections such as chips, cracks, or scratches on the marble, employing appropriate repair materials for a seamless integration with the surrounding surface.

    Refinement and Enhancement:

    Utilizing honing techniques, we eliminated surface flaws to attain a refined, matte finish. This was followed by a meticulous polishing process to resurrect the marble’s inherent brilliance and shine, employing progressively finer polishing pads.


    Our specialist meticulously applied a premium marble sealer to safeguard the surfaces against stains and etching, ensuring comprehensive coverage and proper curing.

    Final Evaluation:

    We conducted a thorough examination to ensure that the restoration met stringent quality standards and surpassed customer expectations.

    Customer Contentment:

    A NOVA Stone Care specialist presented the rejuvenated marble countertop and island to the customer, addressing any queries or concerns and ensuring complete satisfaction. We also provided comprehensive guidance on maintenance to uphold the allure and durability of the marble surfaces.

    Through these meticulous procedures, NOVA Stone Care has effectively revitalized the marble countertop and island. Delivering outstanding results and ensuring customer delight.

    In Conclusion:

    It’s imperative to recognize that marble restoration, particularly to achieve specific finishes, necessitates the expertise of seasoned professionals like those at NOVA Stone Care. DIY endeavors lacking proper knowledge or equipment can potentially harm the marble surface. By engaging a reputable stone restoration company like NOVA Stone Care, you ensure that the process is executed flawlessly, preserving the magnificence of the marble while attaining the desired outcome.

    Searching for Marble Countertop Refinishing in Northern Virginia?

    NOVA Stone Care is owned and operated in the Greater DC area. Our stone care professionals are experts at their craft. The quality of our work speaks for itself. Let our team of trusted stone care specialists restore these surfaces.

    Our technicians will clean and resurface your countertops. They will also reseal them for you.

    Interested in learning more about our services or hiring NOVA Stone Care for your kitchen countertop refinishing needs? Visit our website to find out more about who we are, what we do, and our level of expertise.