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  • Travertine Table Restoration/Broken Corner Piece

    This gorgeous outdoor travertine table had a lot of wear and tear. Plus, the corner piece on the table broke off. It had many cracks and holes that needed to be filled. Our specialists at NOVA Stone Care rose up to the challenge. We repaired the broken corner piece using epoxy and filled the cracks with a special travertine filler. After that, we honed the table with resin bond diamond disc system to remove surface scratches, dull spots and other imperfections of heavy wear and tear. We continued polishing the surface area with DIP bond diamond disc system to increase sheen and reflectivity. As a final step, we’ve sealed the table with an appropriate sealing agent. Our hard work paid off. The customer was stunned with the transformation of his old table. One more successful project under our belt and another happy customer.