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    Limestone Shower Restoration

    Limestone Shower Restoration. In this particular case, a cleaning company used a cleaning product that was very acidic. The usage of the acidic cleaning product almost destroyed this limestone shower. The best way to clean your natural stone shower safely is using PH neutral cleaners.

    It was challenging but we honed and removed the large etching, polished and sealed it. We restored this beautiful limestone shower back to its original condition.✨ ✨

    Call 202-997-4548 to schedule a FREE estimate or visit us at www.novastonecare.com for more info.

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    Carrara Marble Shower Restoration

    Carrara Marble Shower Restoration. Get your shower looking like new again with our professional shower restoration services. We can remove soap scum, scratches and etch marks. We can clean grout, polish and seal it.

    Contact us today and get the sparkle back in your shower!
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    NOVA Stone Care

    Marble Shower Restoration

    Marble shower restoration, scratch removal, etch mark removal, polishing, sealing, and grout cleaning.

    For more helpful tips about how to maintain your natural stone surfaces, please check out our blog page!

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    Shower Restoration

    Shower Restoration

    This shower did not have a significant damage, but the grout was grimy and moldy. It is common for the shower to get dirt, stain, mold and calcium deposits. NOVA Stone Care specialists used specialized equipment to extract deeply embedded dirt and grime. We’ve cleaned the grout by hand to ensure the best results. As a result the customer was happy to enjoy a sparkly clean shower again.

    Call 202-997-4548 or visit our website at www.novastonecare.com for a free estimate.

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    Carrara Marble Vanity Restoration

    Carrara Marble Vanity Restoration.

    This white Carrara marble bathroom vanity top became scratched, dull, stained and dirty from acidic substances. It needed some care and that’s when NOVA Stone Care came into the picture. Our trained technicians can fix stains, etch marks and restore the stone back to its original polished, honed or semi-gloss finish. The best part about it -we leave no mess behind.

    The first step is to tape up the working area to make sure nothing gets damaged or dirty.

    The second step is to grind the surface using different grits of diamond pads on handheld polishing machine which removes stains, scratches and etch marks.

    The third step is to polish the stone and give it a smooth new look.

    The last step of the restoration process is to seal the marble. Marble is a porous stone. It requires a sealer.

    The customer was extremely satisfied with the end result which is always our number one priority.

    Call 202-997-4548 or visit our website at www.novastonecare.com for a free estimate.

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