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  • Potomac, MD

    Natural Stone, Marble and Granite Restoration Services in Potomac, MD

    countertop refinishing services

    Countertop Refinishing in Potomac, MD

    Are you looking for countertop refinishing services in Potomac, MD? Does your kitchen countertop look dull, stained, scratched and cracked? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Restore the shine
    • Buff out etch marks & scratches
    • Fill cracks & chips
    • Repair seams
    • Replace old caulk
    • Deep clean & seal

    Potomac, MD Floor Polishing

    Are you looking for floor polishing services in Potomac, MD? Do your once lustrous stone floors look dull, stained and discolored? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Hone & polish your floor
    • Repair & clean grout
    • Remove lippage
    • Get rid of scratch & etch marks
    • Fill holes
    • Clean & seal stone
    floor polishing services
    shower restoration services

    Shower Restoration in Potomac, MD

    Are you looking for shower restoration services in Potomac, MD? Did your shower transform from clean and sparkly to dull and dreary? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Remove soap buildup
    • Restore etched & dull surfaces
    • Get rid of calcium & grime deposits
    • Clean dirty & stained grout surfaces
    • Neutralize mold & mildew

    Chip and Crack Repair

    Are you looking for chip and crack repair services in Northern Virginia? Does your natural stone surface have chips and cracks? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Fix stone cracks, fractures & chips
    • Blend the repair site with the surrounding area
    • Color match & spot buff
    chip crack repair services
    kitchen and fireplace

    Etch Mark Removal in Potomac, MD

    Are you looking for etch mark removal services in Potomac, MD? Many household products such as wine, lemon juice, coffee can cause etching, which is a chemical reaction that stains the surface of the stone. Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Remove etch marks using state of the art power equipment with diamond abrasives
    • Restore etched surfaces back to its original factory stage
    • Polish the stone & reseal it

    What Customers Are Saying

    Very happy with the quality of the work! Shota polished and sealed our marble countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Competitive pricing, very clean (no dust or dirt in the house), very punctual and courteous. Highly recommending!

    Nadia Aminov

    NOVA Stone Care repaired,resealed and polished my travertine tile floor which was probably never correctly treated before and was looking pretty sad. I was considering whether I needed a new floor.The difference is really dramatic and I’m extremely happy with the results. Arrived on time,worked without stopping and cleanup afterward was spotless. Overall I’m a very satisfied customer. Recommend highly

    John Weigel

    Our bathroom marble floors were ruined by cleaning professionals after we installed them 3 months prior and had bad etching from pine-sol. It’s difficult to see in the photos but there were huge splatter marks and droplets all over both our floors from the cleaning professionals pouring pine-sol at waist level and then leaving it to dry “for the smell”. Shota and his crew are extremely familiar with this type of issue as it is common.

    Jeff H