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  • Vienna, VA

    Natural Stone, Marble and Granite Restoration Services in Vienna, VA

    countertop refinishing services

    Countertop Refinishing in Vienna, VA

    Are you looking for countertop refinishing services in Vienna, VA? Does your kitchen countertop look dull, stained, scratched and cracked? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Restore the shine
    • Buff out etch marks & scratches
    • Fill cracks & chips
    • Repair seams
    • Replace old caulk
    • Deep clean & seal

    Vienna, VA Floor Polishing

    Are you looking for floor polishing services in Vienna, VA? Do your once lustrous stone floors look dull, stained and discolored? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Hone & polish your floor
    • Repair & clean grout
    • Remove lippage
    • Get rid of scratch & etch marks
    • Fill holes
    • Clean & seal stone
    floor polishing services
    shower restoration services

    Shower Restoration in Vienna, VA

    Are you looking for shower restoration services in Vienna, VA? Did your shower transform from clean and sparkly to dull and dreary? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Remove soap buildup
    • Restore etched & dull surfaces
    • Get rid of calcium & grime deposits
    • Clean dirty & stained grout surfaces
    • Neutralize mold & mildew

    Chip and Crack Repair

    Are you looking for chip and crack repair services in Northern Virginia? Does your natural stone surface have chips and cracks? Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Fix stone cracks, fractures & chips
    • Blend the repair site with the surrounding area
    • Color match & spot buff
    chip crack repair services
    kitchen and fireplace

    Etch Mark Removal in Vienna, VA

    Are you looking for etch mark removal services in Vienna, VA? Many household products such as wine, lemon juice, coffee can cause etching, which is a chemical reaction that stains the surface of the stone. Leave it to NOVA Stone Care professionals to

    • Remove etch marks using state of the art power equipment with diamond abrasives
    • Restore etched surfaces back to its original factory stage
    • Polish the stone & reseal it

    What Customers Are Saying

    I can’t express enough how thrilled I am with the work of Nova Stone Care. Shoto did an amazing job bringing life back into my marble counters. Highly recommend!

    Steven D

    Shota was very responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. Appreciated how timely the chip repair and polish was completed as well as how organized he was. Highly recommend!


    NOVA stone care repaired two nicks in our quartzite countertop. Repairs look amazing and are unnoticeable. The technician, Shota, replied promptly to my initial inquiry, was extremely pleasant to interact with, and clean in his work. Nothing but great things to say about this company. Will definitely use again.

    David Kidd