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    How Often Do You Need a Marble Floor Polishing Service?

    Marble is a natural stone that is a popular choice for flooring and counters in homes for many reasons. Not only is marble a natural insulator that radiates with proper lighting, but it is also durable and easily maintained. 

    The nature of the stone itself lends to its ability to withstand the test of time. Remarkably, marble floors can be sealed with specialized sealer for stain and water resistance. Caring for your marble floors properly will help them keep looking new.

    Marble Floor Polishing

    Marble is a porous, soft stone vulnerable to etching (The etch mark is a surface damage in the form of a dull mark on natural stone that contains calcium carbonate) and scratching. For this reason, it is important to maintain the integrity of the marble flooring in your home with a little tender loving care.

    Luckily, it is easy for professionals with experience working with natural stone to work out any scuffs and imperfections on your marble surfaces. These experts are trained in different techniques to address the level of wear these surfaces may have seen.

    How Often Should You Hire Out for Marble Polishing Services

    It is recommended that marble flooring be polished professionally every year or once every two years. Why? Doing so regularly will ensure that the marble retains its luster and shines like it did the day the floor was laid down.

    A regular cleaning schedule will prevent the buildup of dirt and other particulate matter. This range is because marble floor maintenance is contingent on factors like use and traffic. This can vary from household to household.

    Basic Care and Quick Tips

    Some basic care tips to help you maintain your marble floor is a smart move. Be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaning material—caustic household cleaners like bleach and anything with citric acid or vinegar should be avoided.

    You will also want to avoid using harsh cleaning tools like steel wool, straw brooms, etc., as these can do more harm than good. Address any spills immediately and remove shoes that might track in dirt and other materials when you enter the home.

    Marble Floor Polishing Services in Northern Virginia and the Greater DC Area

    NOVA Stone Care has got you covered. We specialize in natural stone; our skilled experts can get that luster and sparkle back for you. I you are interested in learning more, Visit our website and check out our portfolio of work and list of services.

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    countertop restoration

    Marble and Granite Countertop Restoration Services

    Does your home have granite or marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom? If so, you may notice that over time, these surfaces tend to lose their former luster. That is because natural stone wears over time—whether chipping or scratching when abraded.

    Countertop restoration and maintenance is especially important for kitchen surfaces since the porous nature of rock can allow for bacteria and other harmful contaminants as an avenue for harm. Fortunately, there are professionals who specialize in working with marble and granite countertops and resealing them for you if needed.

    Why Hire Out for Countertop Restoration?

    granite countertop

    DIY solutions are often one of those things that seem like a promising idea at the time. Any professional would advise against it—especially in the kitchen where there are health considerations surrounding food and the well-being of your family. Choosing to restore your countertops is not a simple undertaking.These things can be complicated, and granite and marble materials are expensive. Buffing out deep scratches might not be as simple of a process as one might hope. Botching a DIY job on your stone countertops could end up costing you more if professionals need to be called in to restore or completely replace your countertop surfaces.

    Finding a Good Granite or Marble Countertop Restoration Specialist

    If you are looking for granite and marble countertop restoration, you will want to have some confidence in the professionals that you choose to work with. You will also want to make sure that the companies you are considering have a good history of providing quality services—both in caliber of work and customer service.

    It is a clever idea to put some time into researching your local options before committing. Here are some tips to help guide the process of finding the right marble or granite countertop restoration specialists to work with.

    Looking for a Stone Repair Specialist in the Great DC Area?

    If you are searching for natural stone countertop restoration services in the Greater DC area, the specialists at NOVA Stone Care have you covered. We specialize in natural stone, and our team of professionals are experts at what they do.

    Interested in learning more? Visit our website to see who we are and check out our portfolio of work and list of services.

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    NOVA-Stone-Care-Blog-Post-Natural Stone Damage-Efflorescence

    Natural Stone Damage: Efflorescence

    What is Efflorescence

    Natural Stone Damage: Efflorescence: Efflorescence is a common issue that can occur with natural stone surfaces, such as marble, granite, travertine and limestone. It. appears as a white, powdery substance on the surface of the stone and can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Efflorescence is caused by the presence of water-soluble salts in the stone, which are brought to the surface through the process of evaporation. The water evaporates, leaving behind the salt crystals, which form the white, powdery substance.

    NOVA-Stone-Care-Blog-Post-Natural Stone Damage-Efflorescence

    What you can do

    There are several ways to prevent efflorescence from occurring in natural stone surfaces. One of the most effective ways is to have a company like NOVA Stone Care seal the stone for you, as this will prevent water from penetrating the surface and causing the salts to rise to the surface. Additionally, it is important to clean up any spills or stains as soon as they occur, as these can also contribute to the formation of efflorescence.

    NOVA-Stone-Care-Blog-Post-Natural Stone Damage-Efflorescence

    If efflorescence does occur, it is important to call a professional company like NOVA Stone Care. NOVA Stone Care professionals will remove it as soon as possible and prevent it from becoming ingrained in the stone. There are several ways to remove efflorescence, including using specialized efflorescence remover.

    Efflorescence is a common issue that occurs with natural stone surfaces. However, we at NOVA Stone Care can  prevent or remove it with proper care and maintenance that we offer. Our experts in natural floor restoration services have the knowledge, tools, and experience to properly care for your stone surfaces. Check out our blog section for more helpful tips. Natural Stone Damage: Efflorescence.

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    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    Stripping, Cleaning and Sealing Slate Floors

    Stripping, cleaning, and sealing slate floors is a process that can breathe new life into an old or tired floor. The process involves removing any existing sealer or wax, cleaning the slate to remove dirt and grime, and then applying a new sealer to protect the slate and enhance its natural beauty.

    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    Before starting the process, it’s important to assess the condition of the slate floor. If it is heavily worn or damaged, it may need to be repaired or replaced before proceeding. If the floor is in good condition, then the stripping, cleaning, and sealing process can begin.

    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    Stripping slate floors

    To strip the floor, a chemical stripper is applied to the surface of the slate. The stripper is left on the floor for a specific period of time, usually around 20 minutes, before being scrubbed off with a stiff brush. This process removes any existing sealer or wax from the slate.

    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    Cleaning slate floors

    Next, the slate is cleaned to remove dirt and grime. A neutral pH cleaner is typically used for this step, as it is gentle on the slate but still effective at removing dirt and stains. The cleaner is applied to the floor and scrubbed in with a stiff brush before being rinsed off with water.

    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    Sealing slate floors

    After the slate is clean and dry, a new sealer is applied. This step is important as it helps to protect the slate from future stains and damage. The sealer is typically a water-based product that is easy to apply and dries quickly.

    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    The stripped, cleaned, and sealed floor will have a brighter, more uniform color and a natural shine. The sealer also protects the slate from future stains and damage, making it easier to maintain and keep looking like new.

    NOVA Stone Care Slate Floor Restoration

    Overall, stripping, cleaning, and sealing slate floors is a great way to rejuvenate an old or tired floor. It not only improves the appearance of the floor but also extends its lifespan by protecting it from future damage. Our experts in natural floor polishing services have the knowledge, tools, and experience to properly care for your stone surfaces. Check out our blog section for more helpful tips.


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    Tumbled Travertine Deep Cleaning And Sealing


    Tumbled travertine deep cleaning and sealing

    Tumbled travertine is a popular natural stone that is often used for flooring, countertops, and other surfaces in homes and businesses. It is known for its unique, textured appearance and durability. However,  it does require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best.

    Tumbled Travertine Deep cleaning

    Deep cleaning tumbled travertine involves removing any dirt, grime, and stains that have accumulated on the surface. NOVA Stone Care specializes in this type of restoration. After we clean the surface thoroughly, we rinse it off with clean water and dry it completely to prevent water spots from forming. Refinishing tumbled travertine involves restoring the surface to its original shine and smoothness. This can be done by honing, polishing and sealing the stone.


    Work in progress

    Tumbled Travertine Honing, Polishing And Sealing

    Honing is a process that removes small surface imperfections and light scratches. Polishing is the process of smoothing the surface with increasingly finer diamond abrasives until it reaches a desired finish. Sealing is the process of applying a protective barrier to the stone surface to protect it from stains and damage.


    Before and after results

    It’s important to note that tumbled travertine requires more maintenance than other types of natural stones because of its porous nature. Tumbled travertine deep cleaning and sealing should be a part of your regular maintenance plan. We at NOVA Stone Care offer full restoration and maintenance plans.


    Before and after results


    As a general rule, it’s best to hire a professional company like NOVA Stone Care to deep clean and refinish tumbled travertine to ensure the best results. Our experts in natural floor polishing services have the knowledge, tools, and experience to properly care for your stone surfaces. Check out our blog section for more helpful tips.


    Deep cleaned and restored tumbled travertine flooring


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    Should I Replace or Refinish My Stone Flooring?

    “Should I replace or refinish my stone flooring?” is a common question we hear from our customers. When it comes to stone flooring, homeowners often have the choice to either replace or refinish their existing floors. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to do research on floor polishing services when considering which option is best for your specific situation. 

    Replacing your stone flooring is a good option if your floors are severely damaged or worn. Additionally, if your floors have been installed improperly or are showing signs of settling or shifting replacement may be necessary. It would ensure the stability and safety of your floors.


    Before and after results of marble floor restoration and etch removal

    On the other hand, refinishing your stone flooring is a good option if your floors are in good condition but simply need a facelift. Even if your floors are chipped, or have deep scratches, refinishing still may be the best choice. Refinishing involves honing, polishing and resealing the stone. This process can remove scratches and stains, and bring back the original shine and luster of the stone. This option is also a more cost-effective alternative to replacement, as it does not require the removal and disposal of existing flooring. 


    Before and after results of tumbled travertine restoration

    When deciding whether to replace or refinish your stone flooring, it is important to consult with a professional stone restoration company like NOVA Stone Care. Our technicians will assess the condition of your floors free of charge. We’ll provide you with a recommendation based on our expertise and experience.


    The decision to replace or refinish your stone flooring will depend on the condition of your floors, the type of stone, and your personal preferences. NOVA Stone Care experts can help you make the best decision for your specific situation. 

    Looking for a marble floor restoration services in Northern VirginiaNOVA Stone Care has you covered. Visit the company website to learn more. Also, check out our blog section for more helpful articles and tips.

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