If you have a travertine or marble shower, you may wonder if it is time to restore your shower’s natural stone. When you notice that your bathroom and shower tiling lacks the luster it once had or see evidence that the stone is wearing through use over time, it may be time to consider restoring things.
Many factors can cause natural stone to wear (i.e., acidic substances can eat at stone surfaces like travertine and marble!). That’s why proper maintenance is important.

Properly Cleaning Natural Stone

The travertine and marble are calcium-based stones, which makes them sensitive to acidic substances. Because of this, you should avoid using acidic cleaning products, vinegar-based cleaners, regular tub and bathroom cleaners, and bleach-based cleaners (these include the common name-brand products from companies like Lysol and Clorox). These acidic cleaners can cause irreparable damage to your stone tile. Also, avoid using abrasive cleaning materials like steel wool and coarse sponges. PH Neutral cleaners are the safest choice for cleaning calcium-based stones such as travertine and marble.

Why Should I Hire a Professional for Marble Shower Restoration?

If you have noticed that the marble tiles in your shower area are dulling or see signs of scratches and other wear, hiring a professional to get things back to new is advised. While DIY solutions and YouTubers might make things seem easy, tackling a do-it-yourself natural stone restoration project could do more damage than good.

Botching a DIY travertine or marble tile restoration job can cost you a lot more than hiring an expert to do the work for you. Working with a natural stone restoration professional will ensure your job gets done right the first time. Both travertine and marble are expensive, and most professionals recommend leaving stone restoration to the experts.

Where Can I Find Natural Stone Restoration Services Near Me?

If you are searching for travertine or marble shower restoration services in Northern Virginia, NOVA Stone Care has you covered. Our stone technicians are skilled natural stone restoration professionals who will do the job correctly.
With a reputation for superb customer service and high-quality work, our work speaks for itself. Our knowledgeable stone specialists are available to access the scope of your stone restoration project and provide you with a free and honest quote. Are you interested in learning more? Visit our website and contact us today.